What’s this all about then?

AudioStorm has sold quite a few pedals and attenuators to a great many of you wonderful folk. And I’ve had an incredible amount of positivity back in return. But, it’s still far from a full-time, bill-paying business. AudioStorm is, ultimately, just one person, one front-room and a whole bunch of shelves, boxes, tools, sweat and love.

What I really want to do is take this to the next level. I’d like it to become a real income so I can work full-time on the designs instead of having to do whatever other part-time work I can get to make ends meet. I want to get a proper workshop, and in a perfect world I want to be able to pay someone to help me solder and drill so I have more time to design. But I’ve got a few big leaps to make yet before we are there.

In the meantime I want to connect with you mysterious buyers and supporters so I can learn what it is you love and hate, so I can show you my ideas and hear what excites and what bores you. I want to innovate new concepts that no-one else has ever done before and really create whole new expressive concepts that anyone, anywhere can buy into.

And so that’s what this is. It’s a way to connect with you all and show off my ideas.

I hope you like them!


You can do a lot in a day. – Will Salas (In Time)


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